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This group is an energetic lab where we will be exploring all energies at our disposal, our willingness to receive them or not and what is created when we are willing to receive and perceive them. What if we were willing to let go of anywhere that we’ve been unwilling to play with all the energies that are whispering to us, seeking us, and dancing around us?

We meet for 45 minutes every 2 weeks on Zoom.

You receive:

  • Private group sessions of different energetic bodywork modalities

  • Access to a private group to vote on themed months, to hold yourself accountable, support each other and request what you'd like to receive

  • Access to a private group

  • Audio recordings sent to your email for you to download to your archives for further clearing and increased expansion

  • Monthly themes

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Meeting Time: 

Fridays 8pm Eastern USA (New York)
Meeting Time: 

Mondays 1pm Eastern USA (New York)
$45 USD/month 

Past Monthly Themes 
Available for Purchase in Replay Form